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Our objectives

Clear-cut and transparent

Develop tech industry


Enhance business productivity


Provide rich employment opportunities

Mission Statement

Who we are

Moon Presence was founded like many great companies, through frustration with a service, product or unfulfilled need. In our case it was the lack of accessibility of information and services online due to poor technological standards and tight data restrictions such as those in the Seychelles.

Our founder and CEO, Gibran Rizvi, discovered a hidden potential which, when achieved, could enhance virtually all forms of productivity in the Seychelles for the better and bring the islands into a new age, a digital cornucopia of sorts.

Our drive

We found that the majority of businesses and organisations here have websites that lack positive user experience in every element from design and functionality, to the simplest of features like responsiveness across varying devices. Our services are applicable within practically every industry.

Moon Presence strives to help companies become great places to work. We want our clients to achieve measurable value in terms of increased productivity, employee retention, and business performance.

We bring people-centered design to solve real world problems. Our solutions feature a thoughtful and engaging user experience to promote adoption and participation at all levels of the organization.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our Lead Programmer and Entrepreneur

Gibran Rizvi

CEO - Lead Developer - Entrepreneur

Gibran is the founder of Moon Presence. With over 4 years of programming and software engineering experience, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, he has devoted himself to developing the Information Technology standards in the Seychelles and provide rich employment opportunities in the field. His vision aims to bring the islands to a new age of prosperity through technological innovation.

Our Values

Like-minded values, shared by like-minded individuals.

Innovation & Determination

Innovation is coupled with reliability and a determination to deliver upon on our promises

Open & Honest

We have a culture that is open, honest and nurtures people to their full potential.

Playful & Positive

A playful and positive environment with a passionate team who are proud and accountable for the work they achieve.

Respect & Integrity

All our Partners and Customers are dealt with respectfully and with integrity.

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